Friday, December 3, 2010

Oporto apresenta #21

"Whispering Pines"

by Shana Moulton
Video, color, sound,20', 2006-2008

For the last few years Shana Moulton has been creating a persona, named Cynthia, halfway between the mute Monsieur Hulot, from Jacques Tati's film "Play Time", and the hypochondriac Carol White, the suburban homemaker from Todd Haynes' "Safe". In Tatis' film, Hulot clumsily drifts in a modern world surrounded by modern incomprehensible stuff. Cynthia is also surrounded by a puzzling set of postmodern home kitsch and TV-Shop paraphernalia, to which she connects emotionally barely knowing their use. As Carol, Cynthia seeks, for a safe place, an escape for a healing dimension, a transcendental gateway that she finds hidden it in each object.

Oporto is now presenting from the series "Whispering Pines" some key chapters of Cynthia's domestic "walkabout".

"Notes on the untenable lightness of things"
Alexandre Estrela

Tuesday, December 07, 2010, 11 pm

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