Monday, April 23, 2018

Oporto apresenta #48

Standish Lawder
16 mm, color, sound, 16 min, 1972

Two Soups 
Fake Goulash/ Rain Soup
Recipes by Endre Tót, 1974

The  Portuguese proverb  “in April, a thousand waters", predicts that we are facing a month of tempestuous changes. It is not by chance that spring rain is often seen as an omen of change and revolution. In the movie Regen (Rain, 1929), Joris Ivens struggles to capture the essence of rain. During the two years spent filming rainy Amsterdam, he found a natural resistance of the elements to be captured on film. Slowly, Ivens began to draw a parallel between the rain, the wind and the strength of the masses, that is only revealed in times of storm.

"If one controls the weather, one controls the world" is a lapalissade that became tangible when Wilhelm Reich was arrested and died for the invention of a cloudbuster, a machine that could induce rain through the reconditioning of primal energy. Reich’s giant ray-gun contraption appears in Kate Bush and Terry Gilliam's video Cloudbusting ( 1985), charging the sky with its orgone rays. Reich was the first to subdue weather to human will and his cloud nebuliser was soon seen as a real threat to any state in the world. Although his invention was abandoned in rural America, his plans circulated widely. We dare say that its effectiveness can still be seen in the clean skies above Russian and American military parades, a clear sign that the clouds were secretly emptied before the tanks marched.

In 1981, James Broughton and Joel Singer moved to Sri Lanka to build an artistic community rooted on sincere pleasure and comunal joy. During their stay, they developed a way of harvesting, with film, an allegedly sexual energy latent in the rainforest. While re-projecting their films, they realised their audience embraced the energy unleashed by the flicker light, engaging in unbounded h appiness. 
On April 25, a date that will always be celebrated as a good day for a revolution, Oporto will exhibit the flicker film, Rain dance, by Standish 
Lawder and while the screen collects energy, a rain soup will be prepared following a recipe by Endre Tót. We hope that this rain feast will strengthen our community by promoting the joyful rise of the dark cloud, the spring of all nonconformist rain.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane.

Wednesday, April 25, 10.30 pm  

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