Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oporto apresenta #44

Ritual of the Fall by Kathy Rose
HD color video, stereo sound, 4'26", 2015

It is known that a small cut done underneath a corvid 's tongue will allow it to speak. It is also said that if one sews the tongue of a human, s/he will gain feathers and learn to fly. During the process of transmogrification a dance is revealed as a secret language only known to the greatest magicians. Merely a few have had the opportunity to see these supernatural creatures but, according to legend, their mute presence echoes the light of paradise. 
Kathy Rose's  training in classic animation and butoh dance gave her unlimited power to animate and transmute. For the last forty years, Rose has been using video and film as an extended medium  to attain metamorphosis.  In Ritual of the Fall she leads us to the limits of a seclude territory, to observe docile creatures, half-human birds, perform a magical dance. This exuberant video-collage with its original tempo is a reflection upon flying as a musical language.

"a meditation on simple living in a surreal environment"
Alexandre Estrela

Friday,  Jan  27, 10.30 pm
Oporto's new entrance: Calçada Salvador Correia de Sá 42 , 2F, Lisbon

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