Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oporto apresenta #43

AhAh - Raw Sex by Adam K Beckett
Flip book transfered to digital, color, silent, loop

TV was the medium chosen by Samuel Beckett to launch his puzzling play QUAD. The video shows four squalid asexual mimes dragging their feet over the flat surface of a tiny square, all following in perpetual motion an undercurrent geometry .
It was by analysing this video and the behavior of its powerless guinea pigs, that Gilles Deleuze wrote his fundamental essay on exhaustion in which he launched the idea of ​​a new language. The Lingua III, as described by the philosopher, is "a language of empty spaces and pure images", characterized by a scenario in which everything is composed and decomposed.

If S. Beckett's Quad creates a new language while depleting the performance of its impotent characters of any sense, Adam K. Beckett's animations focus on the language itself as an autonomous entity. Zooming in the private life of words, K. Beckett draws "a perpetual coming together and falling asunder of forms". It is in the flickering blank pages of the flip-book, that this unique, gifted and truly brilliant animator reveals a psychedelic fertile world where letters freely intertwine, or better saying, intercourse in closed loops, behaving as bacteria in perpetual orgy. We are deeply grateful to IOTA center for the screening of two of Adam Beckett's lascivious flip-books, that were carefully transferred to video and preserved by his close friends after his premature death.

Cyclone of the absent sense.
Alexandre Estrela

Saturday,  Nov 12, 10.30 pm
Oporto's new entrance: Calçada Salvador Correia de Sá 42 , 2F, Lisbon

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