Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oporto apresenta #38

Black Video 1 Projections 
by Aldo Tambellini
Video 1/2'' transferred to DVD, b&w, sound, 18', 1966

To date, few artists have used film as an effective political weapon. For over four decades, Aldo Tambellini's Black Films stood as a flag against segregation and injustice. In the sixties, while his films such as Black Plus X or Black TV were traded as ammunition between leftist groups, he began manipulating the  cathode ray tubes of TVs in a most unorthodox fashion.
It is with caution that Oporto takes up the task of projecting one of these video works. We will present it big and loud, so powerfully that no brain will be indifferent to the energy bursting from it. This Black projection will transform our beamer-machine into that much needed weapon which kills fascists. 

"A continuous flame purifying the metal of social vision."
Askia Touré

Friday October 9, 10.30pm

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