Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oporto apresenta #37

Calculated Movements  
by Larry Cuba

16mm film, b&w, sound, 6', 1985. 

Back in the sixties when computers were about to make their colossal breakthrough in the territory of art, Henry Flynt coined the term concept art for a new art-form based in mathematics. For digital pioneers such as Stan Vanderbeek, John Whitney or Larry Cuba, the computer was "the supreme mathematical instrument", a new media meant to trigger aesthetic intuitions. Tonight we will present what could be considered a pure form of conceptual work (by Henry Flynt's standards). We are screening the 80's digital masterpiece Calculated Movements, a vectorial animation created by Larry Cuba while programming the wireframe structure for the infamous Star Wars' Death Star.

"A nursery for emergent concepts."
Alexandre Estrela

Friday March 6, 10.30pm

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