Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oporto apresenta #36

Minimalize: Video-Dance Nr1  
by Walter Verdin
Video b/w, stereo sound, 11'27'', 1981

It's hard to explain how a successful pop artist, embraced by stardom, suddenly devotes his life to unglamorous work. In the early 80's, Walter Verdin was hit by success, as a member of one of the most interesting bands to ever compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Shortly after having represented Belgium with "Pas de Deux", Verdin became a video practitioner adopting video as his sound instrument. For many years he devoted himself to a new field called Video-Dance, creating a pioneering body of work that revealed an acute and unstoppable sense of rhythm.
Oporto is delighted to present an early example of video-dance. "Minimalize" is a danceable manifest, a witty recipe on how to optimize your life, your family, your work, your art.

an eternal scroll for optimum life
Alexandre Estrela

Friday, Oct 10, 10.30 pm

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