Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oporto apresenta #34 and #35

Spacy by Takashi Ito
16mm film, sound, 10', 1980-1981

Takashi Ito is the ultimate film virtuoso, one of the last filmmakers whose obsession for sequential photographs and motion controlled camera movements matches the accuracy of a computer.

Spacy is the quintessential spacial film. The action takes place in a multipurpose gym where a camera moves along the boundaries of various court lines. On its way it  encounters images that trigger infinite regressions. The movement of the film accelerates into an insane geometric maelstrom revealing an infinite fractal structure that exhausts not only the space, but above all, the viewer's act of perception. 

"That blank arena wherein converge the hundred spaces."

Hollis Frampton

Saturday, 19 July 10.30pm

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