Friday, April 27, 2012

Oporto apresenta #28

"A Fire in My Belly"
by David Wojnarowicz
Film In progress, 1986-87. Super 8mm film transferred to video (black and white and color, silent) 

It’s quite common to see in experimental filmographies, footage migrating from project to project. David Wojnarowicz’s body of work is also haunted by footage that he constantly recycled from film to film, unveiling in each new montage a raw malaise."A Fire in my Belly" is an unfinished project, based on Mexican indigestible footage. The film is a violent stream of oppressive images, that Wojnarowicz exorcises, unleashing its dark energy. This silent film, presumably edited to the sound of Diamanda Galás, has been blasting the most sensitive and reactionary ears, leaving at its passage/screening a necessary open wound. 
David Wojnarowicz (1954.1992) was an activist, writer, an accomplished painter, performer, a transgressive filmmaker and above all a post-modern martyr.

Shadows from a flaming tongue."
Alexandre Estrela
Saturday, April 28, 2012, 10 pm

Courtesy of The Estate of David Wojnarowicz and P.P.O.W Gallery, New York and The Fales Library,Special Collections/ New York University