Monday, January 10, 2011

Oporto apresenta #22

"Dog Track"
by Phill Niblock

16mm film transfered to video, color, sound,8.5', 1969

If there is still someone with a nonconformist and experimental spirit in New York, that person is Phill Niblock. Since the sixties that the artist explores the power of sound and images to generate new frontiers and limits of perception. 
 Despite being a reference in the field of music, it was the film that led him to take the first steps in time-based-arts. Phill Niblock began by making structural experiments, short dance and sound films in collaboration with artists as diverse as Yvonne Rainer, Sun Ra and Max Neuhaus. After this period, Niblock starts to investigate the film medium itself by focusing on the inflow of movement in its various expressions. Working with a wide range of simple images, travel and ethnographic captures, landscapes or just abstract compositions, Niblock overlaps successive layers of sound, creating an open field, impervious to any definition.
Oporto presents "Dog Track ", a film that juxtaposes an inhuman sound, devoid of emotion, coming from a psychoanalytic interview, to images and landscapes of non-verbal beauty. "Dog Track" roughly exposes us, to an hypnotic report, a sad and monochordic chant produced by an impossible relationship. 

"The saddest song on earth" 
 Alexandre Estrela

Sunday, January 16, 2011, 10.30 pm

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