Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oporto apresenta #19

"Clearchannel Mountain Range Frontier Expansion Tracking Shot So Far"
by Jessie Stead
Digital video , color, sound, 17' 44''

Jessie Stead is a multi-purpose artist and motion-picture maker currently based in New York. Using a variety of inexpensive means she produces assorted interdisciplinary media works that often combine image, music and text with a meandering conceptual focus. Her approach to motion-picture is as a kind of “adhesive” used to synthesize unlikely collaborations of seemingly disparate subject matter, formal strategies, technological experiments and other people.
This video from the "clearchannel" series samples assorted mountain themed landscape illustrations used to sell bottled water and consolidates them into a single topography. A cinematic "tracking shot" is forged with digital effects to parody an exploration experience. This motion-picture does not have a finished dimension or duration, it is more an everlasting frontier, to be continuously expanded; an open-ended expedition of the landscapes available in the contemporary graphics of water consumption. The soundtrack is made with AM radio static recordings. (Stead)

"A thunder of spring over distant mountains"
Alexandre Estrela

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 11 pm

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