Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oporto apresenta #13

"Diwan" by Werner Nekes

16 mm, color, 85 min,1973. Sound: Anthony Moore

A film anthology in five installments: 1. sun-a-mul (16 min) 2. alternatim (15 min) 3. kantilene (17 min) 4. moto (16 min) 5. hynningen (21 min).

We can not think of someone as central to the history of experimental film as Werner Nekes. This restless researcher is one of the last heroes of the moving image, a scholar that seeks for the immaterial truth laying between images and frames. In his quest, Nekes uses all sorts of procedures and techniques, from structuralist to narrative, trying to break the granted laws and realities of life and art.

The film that Oporto is now presenting, DIWAN, is a paradigmatic example. DIWAN is a five part mysterious odyssey into the realm of existence.

"A momentary trap of vision."

Alexandre Estrela

Saturday, March 7, 2009, 10.30pm

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