Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oporto apresenta # 11

"Matemática" by Vasco lucena (1913, 2001)
VHS, colour, 42', n/d

" I saw what does not exist in the cosmic world that surrounds a star"
Vasco Lucena

For uncountable years Vasco Lucena passionately taught Art History in high-school . At age 69 he started to build these incredible kinetic light machines. Until his death he mastered in solitude these machines, recording the resulting light shows with a VHS video-camera. These resonant light experiences were followed by Lucena´s insightful comments that would direct the viewer into a more poetic vision or instruct him on the structure of what was being seen.
The videos that we are honored to present here in Oporto are part of a vast body of work called Matematica. The first video is a true auroric experience accompanied by an electronic sound made by his friend and poet, engineer Artur Brites. The second video, "Disco G parado" is a precise and dynamic exercise on optical effects.

"bright thoughts in curved air"
Alexandre Estrela

Saturday, Dec 20, 2008, 11 pm

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